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72 Billion Minutes of "Uninteractive" YouTube Vids Consumed in 2014

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Introducing ViconLead

The Interactive "Hotspot" Facebook Video Player

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This Exclusive New Software Dual-Publishes Videos

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Dear Fellow Video Marketer,

Sometime back we introduced your world to a game changing idea with a product called Icon Lead. It was a huge hit right from the word “Go”…

However, in the meantime, the idea of using videos for marketing gained speed.

And today it is without doubt an indispensable tool in the hands of an able marketer…

The world as we know it, is becoming a smaller and smarter place by the day. Be it round-the-clock cash dispensing teller machines or voice interactive information centers... Everything today is compact and in one place, available at a single mouse-click.

So, we are going to make your videos look better and work smarter for you…

We all know how frustrating it can be to drive traffic to an offer, only for those leads to cast aside what you show them and have absolutely NO involvement with any of your links!

Interaction is one of the main components of success – without this one vital ingredient, you’re virtually dead in the water!

So what if there was a way of increasing your interaction…

….what if there was a way of making… going to the next step… the most obvious thing to do!

Can you imagine creating a video that effectively & easily did all of the above!


Lee Pennington

It's a Dead Simple 3-Step Formula


#1 - Create

  • Create a ViconLead Campaign
  • Insert your Video or any Viral Video
  • Setup takes as little as 60 seconds
  • Simple to use Interface

#2 - Engage

  • Transform Boring Videos into "Hotspot" Interactive Facebook Videos
  • Adds "Hotspots" that Auto-collect Email Leads
  • Dual-publishing to FB Newsfeed & as FB App
  • Turn Static Videos into Dynamic Stories

#3 - Sell

  • Highlight product sales angles with revolutionary high-converting HotSpots
  • Add HotSpots to boost sales page conversions with "on-page" engagement
  • Create "Dynamic Experience" eCommerce Stores to engage customers with products
  • Position your videos with "State-of-the-Art Dynamic Experience" tech & marketing
  • Run cheap FB ads directly to high-converting HotSpot FB Apps
  • Funnel $100 PayPerCall leads via Tap2Call HotSpots on Your Videos


ViconLead "Hotspot" Facebook Video Player

The Dynamic "Interactive Facebook Video" Software

  • Easy to Use

  • Super Customizable!

  • Designed for Marketeters!

  • Incredibly Affordable!

Facebook, Mobile, Video,

And Email List Building with 1-Click

The Dead Simple 60 Second ViconLead FB Vid Player

#1 - Design

1-Click Place Engaging "Hotspots" into any Video & Publish as a FB App, to the Newsfeed and as a standalone Landing Page

#3 Convert

Video Hotspots drive your Lead List, Drive Callbacks & Increase Sales

#2 Interact

Customer enters into the "Interactive Hotspot Video Experience" interacting with your video in your eCommerce Store, Facebook App or Landing Page

ViconLeads Anywhere & Everywhere

Simple "Copy & Paste" System Makes it Dead Simple Even for Non-Techies

Have $100+ Leads Phone YOU!

ViconLead Videos increase conversions & drive phone leads via Tap2Call Hotspots.

Local businesses pay $100+ per phone lead.


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So if you want a software that can engage, build lists & drive sales

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A Double Your Money Back Guarantee!

We are that confident that you will absolutely love the power & simplicity of Vicon Lead

that we are putting our money where our mouth is and backing it up with a cast iron

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you are not 100% completely satisfied with the software

Let us know within 30 days and we will refund you double your money for this product

NO questions asked!

Vicon Lead - Main

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • 1. Does Vicon Lead have a monthly recurring payment to use the system?

    Not yet! We have studied the market and we’ll be changing the price to $xx/month or $xxx/year when we re-launch. So get in while we are offering a one-time price for a lifetime subscription at over a xx% off and no recurring!

  • 2. What Kind Of Training Is Available?

    We have a knowledge base easily accessible from your dashboard…beyond that, we’re offering a 24-hour turnaround support desk.

  • 3. Is This Software For My Computer Or Is It Based Online?

    This is completely web-based software and may be accessed via any device that has a browser and an internet connection – tablets and phones included!

  • 4. Will This Work On Mobile Devices?

    Oh, you’ll be pleased with this! Not only are all of your videos mobile responsive and look great on any device…so is your dashboard! While your visitors will be able to view your videos seamlessly from anywhere, so will you be able to create, modify, and view your stats!

  • 5. Will There Be Software Updates?

    Yes! Although this is a lifetime access license, we will continue to sell the software as a monthly subscription…and so we will be updating it very often. The beauty of having it on our servers is that you’ll never notice the updates being done and will always have the most up-to-date version running!

  • 6. Can I Use this on my Client’s Page?

    No unfortunately not! You can use all the mentioned features above of the software but only for your own marketing.